We are different

Who We Are

We are a premium new matchmaking service for those who are ready to find their other half. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of an app while still getting the personal touch of a professional matchmaker. Get to know your matches faster and with total peace-of-mind.

What Makes Us Different

We believe in individuality, privacy, and the importance of finding like-minded people. Meeting that special someone should feel safe and exciting! Our core values are respect, kindness, and trust, and we want to create a safe space for you. We are not for everyone – we are a service tailored for committed, hardworking people who are looking to take that next step in their personal lives.

How We Screen Our Members

We have a comprehensive application process, designed to ensure that every member makes our community more diverse and dynamic. We verify each member and make sure they agree to our terms and conduct policy. This helps us ensure that all of your conversations are safe and respectful. Failure to comply with these terms results in account termination. We hope that this helps our members feel safe and comfortable chatting with their matches.


  • Personally curated matches - based on YOUR values.
  • No more swiping – ever!
  • A different approach – unlike Tinder and Minder, we use algorithms and real-life relationship experts to select the best matches for you!

Your profile will NEVER be public!

No one besides our secure team at NIM will see your profile

Ladies First!

When you match, ladies go first. Ladies have to initiate the conversation then it’s an open conversation.

Your Circle

Finding the ONE always feels right when your circle approves. We let you invite your single and non-single friends to your circle to help you find the ONE.

Privacy & Security

Once you and your match accept, a private encrypted chat is created between the two of you – so you can talk with the comfort of knowing that your interactions are 100% encrypted.

We are Sharia-Compliant!

You can add a chaperone and let them view your match activities. No vulgarity allowed. If reported, we delete profiles immediately.

This is the only way we do it! We are committed in helping you find the right one in a modern and modest way!

Member Conduct & Safety

We carefully screen every applicant, and do our best to ensure that our prospective members fit and agree with our core guidelines and values. It’s rare that our members fail to comply with these guidelines. However, if a member is found in violation of the conduct policy, their account is immediately terminated. Our main focus is building a strong community by making sure that our members feel safe.

Managing Your Membership

If you choose to cancel your membership, you will have until the end of your billing cycle to use NIM.

If you’d like to renew your membership, you can easily do so by opening up your NIM profile and paying your account charge. It’s as simple as two clicks!

Account Deletion

Each member is expected to act with respect, which includes respecting the privacy and trust of our members. There are many places on the internet where there is no expectation of certain behavioral standards – this is NOT such a place. At NIM, you are not just another member, you are a part of a larger community. We expect our members to behave accordingly. If you are being harassed or disrespected by another member, we strongly encourage you to report them to our team. We have no space for that behavior at NIM. .

We also reserve the right to suspend or remove any members that we no longer feel follow the values indicated when they joined NIM.


Process for Admission

Anyone interested in joining NIM must fill out a two-step application. Once applications are received, they are assessed based on a combination of algorithmic values and input from our designated committee. Committee members are anonymous to one another, and our committee is comprised of people of various backgrounds, ages, and interests. Application decisions can take anywhere from a day to a few months.

Once you are approved and complete your profile, you will be asked to select a membership plan to move forward.

To offer you personally curating profiles, exclusivity and security. $9.99/month or $7.99/month annually

Our Screening Process

We receive applications from all over the world, which can make member selection complex and challenging. This is why we use a two-fold approach, employing a committee as well as our constantly-evolving algorithm. This enables us to assess our applicants’ backgrounds and credentials, as well as their connection to the community. We consider every application that we receive, and we are always working to find new ways to improve our screening process.

Regarding Our Waitlist

If your application is currently on the waitlist, please know that everyday people are removed from it, and welcomed to the community. Continual review of the waiting list remains a vital part of creating a vibrant community.

How To Apply

To apply to NIM, download our app. Currently, NIM is only available in certain parts of the world.

Click the links below to download the app:

Apply for NIM Today!

We are an exclusive matchmaking service called NIM. Submit your profile today to be accepted. We are available in certain parts of the world. We’re still growing, and we hope to be available in your neighborhood soon!