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Match Your Values

NIM brings together people of all ages, nationalities, faiths, and educational backgrounds. What they all have in common is a life built on a value system, whether those values come from faith, spirituality, or purpose. NIM users tend to value community, family, spiritual practice, personal growth, openness to new ideas, and a desire to succeed. 

Match Your Priorities

We make it easy to rate your priorities, from career and faith to family planning – and your openness to matching outside your comfort zone, too. For members mindful of their public image, NIM is designed with features to enhance privacy and discretion. As a member, you’ll receive hand-selected matches based on what’s most important to you.

Your Circle

Inspired by the best elements of traditional matchmaking, NIM allows you to invite your single (and non-single) friends and family to be a part of your Circle, so they can browse and suggest matches for you. And for faiths that encourage chaperones, you have the option to invite your Circle to privately view chat sessions. After all, finding love is even more rewarding when your circle approves.

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