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From your values to your career, you have high standards for yourself. Why should finding someone special be any different? Let the experts at NIM and your Circle help find the perfect match for you.
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Who are we?

We are a matchmaking service for those who are ready to meet their other half in a modern and modest way. We are Sharia-compliant and all about privacy, your profile will never be public. We believe in personalized matches tailored just for you – no random, pointless swiping.

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Why We Are Different

No Swiping

We’re not Tinder or Minder – we use algorithms as well as real relationship experts to personally hand-pick your matches.

Ladies First

When you match, ladies go first. Ladies have to initiate the conversation then it’s an open conversation.

Sharia Compliant - Halal

We want to help you keep your conversations clean. If you’d like, add a chaperone to your profile so they can also keep an eye on your match activities and keep it halal. If we get a report of inappropriate behavior, the profile in question is immediately deleted. No more worrying about vulgar messages!

Your Circle

Finding the ONE always feels right when your circle approves. We let you invite your single and non-single friends to your circle to help you find the ONE.

No Catfishing

We carefully verify every profile to ensure that your matches are really who they say they are! We require that potential members prove their identity through social media and other forms of verification, so you never have to worry.

100% Transparent

We use encrypted technology to keep your profile completely secure. This secure and transparent system allows you to access your own data and delete it at any time.

Apply for NIM Today!

We are an exclusive matchmaking service called NIM. Submit your profile today to be accepted. We are available in certain parts of the world. We’re still growing, and we hope to be available in your neighborhood soon!

How The App Works

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Sign Up and Apply

To sign up, you’ll need to link either your LinkedIn or Instagram account and upload at least two images of yourself. This is part of our account verification process. Process for Admission.

Filling Out Your Profile

Once your application is approved, you’re ready to get started! You will be asked to answer a series of questions to help us build your profile.


We use experts and our algorithm to find you the right person. We also let your personal circle give feedback and match for you. When you match, ladies go first.

Secure Chats

In order to start a chat, you and your match must both accept. You also have the option to add a chaperone if you would like. You and your match can get to know each other in an encrypted chat, where you have the option to text, video chat, and call.